Frequently Asked Towing Questions

My car is all-wheel-drive (AWD) or 4x4. Do I need a flatbed to tow it?

Using a standard tow truck can cause damage to an all-wheel-drive vehicle’s transmission. We suggest using a flatbed tow truck in order to guarantee the safety and utmost care for your AWD vehicle.

Someone is parked in my parking spot. Can I have it towed at the owner’s expense?

If the vehicle is parked on private property or in an area where proper signage is displayed, we can tow a vehicle at the owner’s expense. Be sure to get in touch with us for more details on signage protocols.

Can cars with automatic transmissions be towed with the drive wheels on the ground?

We do not suggest towing an automatic transmission with the drive wheels on the ground as an automatic transmission is only lubricated when the vehicle is running. We feel that it is not worth the gamble of damaging your vehicle and suggest using a flatbed truck.

Do tow truck drivers require specialized training?

Our drivers have undergone a rigorous training protocol including shadowing our senior employees and learning from the best.

Do tow truck drivers need a special license?

Yes. Drivers must go through in-person training and pass a written exam and driver’s test.

How many towing methods are there? What are they?

There are four different methods of towing a vehicle using different types of tow trucks:

  • Flatbed tow trucks: As the name implies, these trucks have a flat surface in order for the vehicle to not touch the ground.
  • Integrated tow truck: Similar to a flatbed truck except that they are specialized for heavy-duty towing purposes.
  • Hook and chain tow truck: These are used to transport various types of cargo that can be difficult to handle and damaged vehicles.
  • Wheel lift tow truck: A metal yoke is used instead of chains, which causes much less damage to the vehicle.

With so many makes and models, how do you remember each vehicle’s towing procedure?

Every vehicle manufacturer has established towing procedures. These guidelines are published annually and are part of the standard equipment for all tow truck operators.

Is towing rough on my car?

If you are concerned about the safety of your vehicle, we suggest using a flatbed towing truck in order to guarantee that there is no damage to your transmission or drive shaft. We also do not recommend other towing options for automatic transmissions and all-wheel-drive vehicles.

My car is lowered. Can it still be towed?

In our experience, most lowered cars can be towed with a standard tow hook in place.

Can you tow motorcycles?

Yes, it is possible to tow a motorcycle and we possess the necessary skills and equipment to do so in a safe and responsible way.